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Consider Word Choice for Correct English Grammar

Our Write My Essay SOS tips can come in handy when a writer needs help with grammar and word choice when writing. This list can help writers use proper grammar.

When writers are writing, their work can flow and appear to be a seamless undertaking. That is until the wrong word is used. There are some common words that are mistakenly used in writing for one reason or another. Sometimes the essay writer online doesn't know the difference, other times the writer works quickly and simply types the wrong word, and other times writers' fingers seem to work faster than their brains and the wrong word comes out.

The following pairs of words represent some of the most commonly misused words that get confused. For proper grammar, it's important to understand what each work means and how to use it for correct English grammar. Saying the word aloud is a good way to determine which word to use at times as well.

Use Correct English Grammar: Accept and Except
When reading cheap custom writing, often words are confusing because they sound the same or similar to other words. The words "accept" and "except" are two such words that sound very similar to each other. Understanding what each word means helps eliminate problems when writing:

"Accept" is a verb, which describes an action, like talking, walking, or swimming. The meaning of the word "accept" is to receive. An example of "accept" used in a sentence follows: Please accept my apology for being late.

"Except" can serve three parts of speech: preposition, verb, and conjunction. An example of "except" used in a sentence follows: We all went to the party except John.

Make the Right Word Choice with Than and Then
The words 'than" and 'then" are often confused in writing. Knowing the meaning of each word helps writers use the correct word and thus use proper grammar:

"Than" can be a conjunction and a preposition. "Than" refers to comparisons between two or more items. Examples of "than" used in sentences follows: Sarah was taller than Tom. Frank ate quicker than everyone else at the table.
"Then" can be an adverb, a noun, and an adjective, and all of these uses relate to time. If you remember that "then" refers to time, it will be simpler to differentiate it from the word "than." Examples of "then" used in a sentence follows: After you eat lunch, then we'll go to the park.
Help with Grammar: Among and Between
The words "among" and "between" have specific meanings and there are times when it's appropriate to use each. "Between" is generally used when referring to two items; "among" is generally used for three or more items. The following descriptions explain any exceptions when using these two words:

"Between" can also be used to distinguish any one-to-one relationship, even if the number is greater than two."Between" is used for three or more items when those items are distinct and separate. For example, Sam couldn't choose between the blue, red, or green shirts. These three choices are individual items so the word "between" is the correct word choice.
"Among" is used for two or more items when the choices are collective nouns, that is not distinct and separate items. This sentence provides an example: A cough spread among the choir. In this sentence, choir is a collective group, not separate people, so "among" is the correct word choice.

Proper Grammar Tips
The best paper writing service says, reading writing aloud is one way to determine if a writer has used the correct word. Another tact is to look words up in the dictionary if there is any doubt about whether the word choice is correct. Being aware of words that are similar is a good first step in writing using correct English grammar.

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