Courses that need to be completed for non-degree training programs

There are 45 – six hour courses you need to take.
C101 Initial Interviewing
C 102 Biopsychosocial Assessment
C103 Diagnostic Summaries
C104 Differential Diagnosis ( DSM)
C105 Pharmacology & Physiology
C106 Perinatal& FASD
C107 Compulsive Gambling
C108 Co- Occurring Disorder Assessment
C109 Assessment Tools
C201 Introduction to Counseling
C202 Counseling Skills
C203 Crisis Intervention
C204  Addiction Focused Counseling
C205 Group Counseling
C206 Family Counseling
C207 Cognitive Behavioral Counseling
C208 Motivational Interviewing & MET
C209 Pharmacological Approaches to Nicotine Dependence
C 301 Community Resources
C 302 Consultation ( in Case Management)
C303 Documentation
C304 HIV and Resources
C305 New Jersey Mental Health Services
C306 New Jersey Child and Family Services
C307 Criminal Justice System
C308 New Jersey Disability Services
C309 New Jersey Employment Services
C401 Addiction Recovery
C402 Psychological Client Education
C403Biochemical/ Medical Client Education
C404 Sociocultural Client Education
C405 Addiction Recovery & Family Psychological Education
C406 Biochemical and Sociocultural Family Education
C407 Community and Professional Education
C408 Opiate and Stimulant Education
C409 Alcohol, Sedative and Hallucinogens
C501 Ethical Standards
C502 Legal Standards
C503 Cultural Competency
C504 Professional Growth
C505 Personal Growth
C506 Dimensions of Recovery
C507 Supervision
C508 Community Involvement
C509 Consultation ( Professional Standards)
Total clock hours                                                            270 hours