Director of Admisions

Eva's Village
February 9, 2024
Paterson, NJ
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1-3 years
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Under the supervision of the Senior Director of Integrated Health Services, the Director of Admissions is responsible for supervision of counselors, counselor interns, and any other departmental staff or interns assigned. The Director of Admissions is responsible for the direction, provision and quality care provided to clients through the Admissions Department. The Director of Admissions is responsible for program development, program quality assurance, and engagement with funders to attract new clientele. 




  1. Oversee all client assessments shall document the result in a DSM diagnosis for alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, screening for other co-occurring disorders and ASAM level of care determination.

2 Ensure at the time of assessment, all clients must be screened for co-occurring disorders. 

3.Ensure that if the pre-admission assessment indicates that the client should be referred to another treatment program or level of care, the admissions director shall coordinate the client's referral to another program. If transfer to another facility or level of care is indicated, interim services that are responsive to the client's current level of care shall be provided until the transfer is made. 

  1. Essure that all pregnant women shall be provided information on HIV and AIDS and offered testing for HIV infection in accordance with 8:61-3.1; and Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, as medically indicated; and
  2. Ensure Mantoux tuberculin skin test and tuberculosis screening and treatment in accordance with the Tuberculosis Surveillance Procedures for Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities, incorporated herein by reference as chapter Appendix A.
  3. Responsible for gathering client's history of psychological problems or psychiatric disorders and treatment received, including previous psychiatric admissions, history of suicidal or homicidal ideation and attempts, outpatient psychiatric treatment and psychotropic medications; as well as the client's family and relationships, including relationships evidencing co-dependency and the client's current living situation.
  4. Conduct a social assessment including any legal proceedings involving the client; a recreational assessment that includes the client's interests and physical abilities and limitations a vocational and educational assessment of the client’s: Current work or vocational skills, employment status and potential for improving those skills or developing new Educational status and skills; Aptitudes, interests and motivation; Physical abilities, impairments, or disabilities; Relationships with co-workers and supervisors; Current and prior work or school related problems including, but not limited to, those problems related to substance abuse; Readiness to change Spiritual assessment; and Assessment of housing needs.
  5. Ensure that the admissions and exclusionary criteria include identification of the conditions or diagnoses eligible and ineligible for admission.
  6. Ensure new clients are orientated to the program upon admission.
  7. Ensure that client rights are reviewed and signed with new admittances which include the acknowledgement that the client is made aware of, and has approved, receiving counseling services from a substance abuse counselor-intern.
  8. Ensure the review of referral of clients to health care providers outside of the facility, including referrals to other treatment facilities along the continuum of care.
  9. Ensure the review of Procedures governing client search and seizure that ensures protection of staff and clients, does not violate client rights and preserves the dignity of clients; and Emergency care of clients.

13.Oversees scheduling of screening and intake appointments. 

14.Understands prevention, treatment, and recovery support services resources. 

  1. Ensure the review of care of clients with tuberculosis that is no longer communicable or is not transmissible; Informed consent requirements and methodology, Criteria for discharge, transfer, and re-admission of clients from the facility.
  2. Possesses and understanding of confidentiality rules and regulations related to 42 C.F.R Part 2 and HIPPA standards.
  3. Assists in the development of a marketing plan for the agency.
  4. Assists as directed in the development and implementation of outreach efforts with public and private programs and social services agency.

19.Recommends the hiring and /or termination of staff to the Senior Director of Integrated Health Services and assumes responsibility for the process of orienting and training staff. 

  1. Assumes responsibility for assessing departmental needs and for the scheduling of Admissions Department Staff.
  2. Assumes responsibility for remaining current concerning trends / changes in the health care sheltering and social service fields as they relate to assessing the need for refinements in the current service procedures.

22.Provides outreach and engagement services designed to assist clients in accessing treatment and recovery support services. 

  1. Actively promotes the services of the organization by engaging referral sources including but not limited to the Recovery Courts.





Thorough knowledge of 12-step Program, AA, NA, and the bio-psycho-social model of substance use disorder

Ability to speak, read and write English.

Must be able to work independently and complete assignments with minimal supervision.

Good interpersonal skills required.

Must maintain a professional demeanor and perform duties effectively in stressful/emergency situations.

Must be able to maintain objectivity and deal diplomatically with clients and family members.

Only registered members can apply for jobs.

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