Director of Halfway House

June 22, 2018
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Entry level
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Job Title: Clinical Director & Drug Court Coordinator for the Halfway House

Department: Halfway House

Full Time Position

Reports To: Senior Clinical Director of Residential Services

Qualifications: LCADC, Master’s degree and minimum of three years experience in the field are required. Dual license LCADC plus LCSW/LPC , CCS preferred.

General Summary: The Program Clinical Director is responsible for overseeing the daily program operations; halfway house program planning; and ensuring the provision of quality treatment and care for unit’s clients in accordance with the requirements of all regulating bodies, Straight & Narrow’s mission, vision, values and philosophy of treatment.
Act as a liaison between Straight & Narrow and members of the Drug Court Team, including the TASC Evaluator, Probation Department, Drug Court Coordinators, Judges, Prosecutors, etc.
Position Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Maintain operation of unit in accordance with federal, state and local regulating agencies including the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities (CARF) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA).
2. Ensure that program census remains at matrix.
3. Ensure that all Policies and Procedures relevant to the operation of the unit are written and approved and filed in the Policy and Procedure Manual.
4. Ensure that Policy and Procedure manual is accessible to all staff and clients.
5. Ensure the visible posting of client’s rights, the telephone number for filing a complaint, the facility’s license and all other documents that regulating agencies require to be posted.
6. Ensure that all staff is trained in agency’s Policies and Procedures.

7. Provides supervision

Clinical Supervisor   and Others.
8. Maintain contact with Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) as necessary.
9. Prepare all materials required for monitoring reviews by licensing, accrediting or regulating agencies.
10. Write and execute all plans of correction.
11. Ensure that all clinical documentation is reviewed, logged and up-to-date.
12. Ensure that all multidisciplinary team meetings (MDT), clinical supervisions and staff meetings occur as scheduled and are appropriately documented.
13. Liaison with Straight & Narrow administration and attend all required meetings and events.
14. Oversee the recruitment, interviewing and hiring of all new employees.
15. Develop and maintain written job descriptions for all personnel and assign duties based upon education, training, competencies and job descriptions.
16. Conduct annual performance evaluations for direct reports and ensure that evaluations for all other employees on the unit are completed by appropriate staff.
17. Terminate or approve termination of all staff members whose lack of performance or inappropriate behavior warrants such an action within the framework of Straight & Narrow personnel policies.
18. Approve vacations, personal and sick days for direct reports.
19. Act as the person of appeal by clients for any concerns regarding program functions and/or staff interactions, especially in the matters of complaints and/or grievances.
20. Coordinate and facilitate interventions as clinically indicated.
21. Ensure that Client Weekly Activity Report is completed and forwarded to Director of Treatment weekly.
22. Prepare program to be ready for any accreditations that the agency may pursue.
23. Coordinate and supervise visits to Straight & Narrow from DC.
24. Communicate with S & N Admission’s staff and all vicinages to monitor
utilization of Drug Court beds
25. Meet with each new DC client to introduce yourself, orient the client to the Straight & Narrow program and to confirm the client’s status (inmate or parolee)
26. Document all meetings with Drug Court clients
27. Prepare a calendar of court dates, arrange for clients’ transportation to court and a staff escort.
28. Attend court in person whenever necessary and any other meetings required by the Drug Court administration
29. Secure monthly progress reports from counselors and review for accuracy. Forward original report to the vicinage and maintain a copy of report in client’s Drug Court file.
30. Generate an internal Drug Court file for each client admitted to the Drug Court program upon admission. File to be kept with Primary Counselor; File to include:
a. Copy of TASC evaluation and other documentation received at admission
b. Treatment Plan
c. Monthly Progress Reports and monthly Treatment Plan Reviews
31. Attend MDT meetings for all Drug Court clients
32. Rosters

• Update internal roster and roster that is faxed to Trenton as per the regulatory requirements or whenever a Drug Court clients is admitted to the program, discharged from the program or completes the program

33. Fax a notice (county, client, SS#) to DMHAS (Trenton) whenever a Drug Court client is discharged from the program so that they have an accurate count without waiting for weekly roster

34. Arrange to have clients available for monthly meetings with Probation Officers at Straight & Narrow
35. Make self available to meet with Probation Officers during their monthly visits to Straight & Narrow
36. Participate in any treatment team interventions with Drug Court clients and contact Probation to make the necessary arrangements for a client being returned to custody

37. Communicate with Probation Officers and Director of Residential Life to arrange for Drug Court clients to work off Community Service hours (only certain counties) during their stay. Fax documentation to Probation when the required hours are completed.
38. Ensure that every Drug Court client is awarded a Certificate of Completion at the scheduled Graduation/Completion ceremony.
39. Ensure that all clients receive appropriate co-occurring services.

40. Ensure that all co-occurring services are documented and billed for, in a timely manner.

41. Provide clinical consultation for all clients that receive co-occurring services and ensure that pertaining documentation is forwarded to the billing department.
42. Follow all Electronic Health Records (EHR) policies.

Other Responsibilities and Duties:
1. Workweek will consist of five days per week with a minimum of eight hours work per day including 30 minutes for lunch and two 15 minute breaks. Follow all Straight and Narrow policies.

2. Punch in/out on the employee hand recognition time clock and ensure that all staff on unit follows this procedure.

3. Notify supervisor, prior to shift if unable to work due to sickness or personal emergency.

4. Submit Employee Absence Report via Paylocity on day of return to work after taking one or more sick day(s).
5. Know and enforce Straight & Narrow’s Policies and Procedures.
6. Ensure Policy and Procedure for Critical Incident Reporting is followed when indicated.
7. Complete all Straight & Narrow’s annually required trainings for staff.
8. Attend in-service and other trainings, staff meetings and supervision as scheduled.

9. Attend all meetings of CQI subcommittees of which you are a member and actively participate.

10. Take responsibility for keeping Personnel file updated with regard to filing any new degrees or certificates, getting immunizations/medical test as required and keeping any licenses and/or certificates current.

11. Perform other tasks as necessary or as assigned by a member of Straight & Narrow’s Administration

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