CADC/LCADC Counselor (Residential/OP/HWH)

July 31, 2018
Job Type
Career level
Entry level
Certificate Needed:
Other Certifications
LCADC and LSW, LAC a plus


Job Title: Credentialed Counselor (CADC/LCADC)

Full Time

Qualifications: Must have a BA/BS or MA/MSW degree with a CADC or LCADC. 1-3 years experience in the addictions and/or mental health field. Good interpersonal, verbal and written skills. Familiar with NJSAMS, ASAM and LOCI. Experience facilitating group and individuals and familiar with Drug Court Policies. Excellent working knowledge of computers. Experience in the fee per service environment a plus.

Position Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Provide individual, group and family counseling; didactics; treatment planning and case management as required per licensing standards (residential or ambulatory according to program) for a caseload of clients
2. Formulate measurable individualized Treatment Plans and Treatment Plan Reviews for each client on caseload
3. Maintain clinical portion of clients’ charts as per the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) and CARF guidelines, ensuring that all documentation is up-to-date as per Straight & Narrow’s Policy on Timeframe for Documentation in Clients’ Charts
4. Attend regularly scheduled multidisciplinary team meetings (MDT) and present information for Treatment Plan or Treatment Plan Review for clients’ on caseload
5. Attend individual and group supervision with Clinical Supervisor as scheduled
6. Provide clients on caseload with referrals to other agencies (i.e., health, psychiatric, vocational rehabilitation and public assistance) for concurrent and/or continued care as part of case management as necessary
7. Provide crisis intervention to clients as necessary
8. Submit documentation to Supervisor daily for any/all sessions held with clients on that day
9. Attend and actively participate in all CQI subcommittee meetings and/or Grievance Committee meetings on which membership is held
10. Prepare monthly reports to overseeing agencies/referral sources (i.e., DCP&P Drug Court, probation officers, parole officers)
11. Present supervisor annually documentation of continuing education coursework to maintain CADC/LCADC certification.
12. Encourage and support clients’ participation in AA/NA/GA activities
13. Follow all Electronic Health Records (EHR) policies.

General Responsibilities and Duties:

1. Workweek will consist of five days per week with a minimum of eight hours work per day including 30 minutes for lunch and two 15 minute breaks for all full-time employees. (hours vary for part-time employees as per the department in which the employee assigned to work). Follow Straight and Narrow policies.
2. Punch in/out on the employee hand recognition time clock and ensure that all staff on unit follows this procedure.
3. Notify supervisor, prior to shift if unable to work due to sickness or personal emergency.
4. Submit Employee Absence Report to supervisor on day of return to work after taking on or more sick day(s).
5. Know and enforce Straight & Narrow’s Policies and Procedures.
6. Ensure Policy and Procedure for Critical Incident Reporting is followed when indicated.
7. Complete all Straight & Narrow’s annually required trainings for staff.
8. Attend in-service and other trainings, staff meetings and supervision as scheduled.
9. Attend all meetings of CQI subcommittees of which you are a member and actively participate.
10. Take responsibility for keeping Personnel file updated with regard to filing any new degrees or certificates, getting immunizations/medical test as required and keeping any licenses and/or certificates current.
11. Perform other tasks as necessary or as assigned by a member of Straight & Narrow’s Administration.


General Summary: The Credentialed Counselor functions an integral part of the treatment team and provides individual, group, family and didactic sessions as well as case management services to the clients on his/her caseload ensuring that the treatment requirements of all regulating bodies are fulfilled.
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