CTTS Recertification


To re-certify for the National CTTS Recertification online purchase and fill out all fields.
Be sure your name exactly the way you would like it to appear on the certificate.

Once you have made your payment and completed  the process you will be emailed a link to upload your completed coursework documentation. Fill out the recertification form (pdf)  and upload it along with your coursework documentation. If you prefer to mail in your recertification form (pdf)  along with your documentation you may do that as well. If you unable to pay online please download the recertification form (pdf) and send your completed application along with your check and completed paperwork.

Note if your certification has lapsed you must also pay the recertification $15/month late fee. Please pay late fee at same time as recertification.

All reciprocal require tests. Online applications include a 3% convenience fee.

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Additional Details.

Renewal Coursework Documentation:

Original documentation is not required for Renewal Coursework. 

18 Required Hours of coursework for credentials due every two years. Check date on your credential

  • Coursework must be related (not specific) to the domains required for original certification.
  • There is no limit on pre-approved distance learning.
  • The Board uses the same criteria as in NJ State Law 13:34 C as per recognized universities, colleges & training agencies.
  • Following are the numbers of renewal clock hours and fees required for each credential.
  • All courses must either be alcohol and drugs related, or enhance your skills as a counselor. The only documentation that will be accepted is either a certificate of completion with your name on it or a letter of verification from the sponsoring agency.


A maximum of 12 hours of alcohol or drug specific in-service education is allowed towards recertification. Official documentation on letterhead is required. The Agency must be listed in the “Directory of Programs Available for Addiction Services” available through the Division of Addiction Services. General staff meetings, case conference/presentations, peer supervision or staff rounds are not acceptable.

Individual Credit

If you are uncertain as to whether or not certain courses will be accepted towards your recertification, it is strongly suggested that you submit a course description, along with verification of completion, to the Board for review PRIOR to your recertification.

The Certification Board reserves the right to withhold approval of education hours if it is unable to determine, from materials submitted, if the course is alcohol and drug related, or counseling related. Additional information regarding a course may be requested if necessary.

Home study courses are only accepted if pre-approved by the Board (they will list an approval number). A maximum of 30 hours per recertification is allowed.

Academic Credit: Academic courses that pertain to the field of counseling or alcohol and drug issues are acceptable. The general rule for a three (3) credit college course is 45 hours (15 hours per credit). You must submit an official transcript.

Research Papers:  Please note that these are subject to Board review.

  • Undergraduate – (passing grade) – alcohol or drug related research paper = 6 hours maximum
  • Graduate – (passing grade) – alcohol or drug related research paper = 12 hours maximum
  • Doctoral – (passing 12 credit dissertation) – alcohol or drug related research paper = 18 hours maximum

Instructors: For every hour taught by a counselor, three hours of credit will be given (two hours preparation, one hour presentation for a total of three hours. For example, if you teach a three-hour class, we will grant nine hours credit). A maximum of 30 hours is granted per recertification. You can only use this option once per course.

In order to document this information for recertification, the following information must be presented:

  • A letter from the sponsoring agency on their letterhead, stating the following; the date the program was presented, your name, the number of hours presented, and the title of the program.

Miscellaneous: The following courses will be accepted only once: CPR Training, First Aid.

If you are unable to scan the documents but prefer to pay online please let us know in the notes section when you pay and mail your documentation along with the .

Online fees include a 3% online convenience fee.