The Certification Board’s primary function is the education, certification and testing of addiction and mental health professionals in the State of New Jersey as well as internationally in partnership with the IC&RC. The Certification Board is 501 C-6 non-profit founded in 1972. All of The Certification Board’s  income is generated by fees related to certification of Addition and Mental Health  Professionals. In order to keep fees as reasonable as possible The Certification Board has limited resources to answer individual questions. We  are endeavoring to provide you with all of the information you require on this website.

Our Primary Mission

is to insure competency in addictions and other behavioral health care professionals using educational, experiential, testing and ethical measures.

Our Vision
is to be the premiere provider of quality certification products and training and to strive for the highest level of protection for the consumers of addiction and other behavioral health care.

Our Scope
is to enhance the professionalism of Addiction and Other Health Care Professionals by offering quality certification products, to provide and monitor accepted ethical standards for consumer protection and to provide addiction and behavioral health cross training.