The Addiction Professionals Certification Board of NJ processes reciprocity between New Jersey and other boards who have a reciprocal credential with the IC&RC. We process both sides of the transfer process; i.e. for those transferring into the State and for those leaving the State. New Jersey does not accept reciprocity for the IC&RC’s “ADC” credential. Most, if not all, of your experience, education and testing can count if it matches the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs application: You will be applying for a NJ license or certification under the same circumstances as a NJ resident.  Out of state applicants need to read the next section.

AODA Credentials – CADC  and  LCADC

The Addiction Professionals Certification Board of NJ does not administer the reciprocal AODA credential (the CADC – ( Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor). The CADC and the license, the LCADC, (Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor)  are under the authority of the State’s Division of Law and Public Safety, Division of Consumer Affairs.
The State will not be providing the ICADC: the Addiction Professionals Certification Board of NJ  will provide it. All requests should be sent to the Addiction Professionals Certification Board of NJ  before the transition to licensure. For those coming into the State, the Addiction Professionals Certification Board of NJ  will provide a transcript to the Licensing Board verifying that you have met all of the requirements for the CADC. The Addiction Professionals Certification Board of NJ  will process your forms in 60 days, but the State has an a seperate application. You will receive notification from the APCBNJ once we send your completed 270 educational transcript form to the State. All new transfers will then have to fill out the application and pay their additional fee.

Please note that an active, reciprocal LCADC is required for the AADC. The AADC is issued through the Addiction Professionals Certification Board, not the State DCA, Marriage and Family Board-ADCC.

To request reciprocity please fill out the form below:

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Requests for transition to licensure (or message or question about recrocity

It is important to note that all of New Jersey’s CADC’s have to fill out new CADC applications and pay for a new certification. Transfers are not being treated any differently than in-state counselors. Please note that NJ requires both the written and oral exams for the CADC and reciprocal LCADC
The APCBNJ offers other IC&RC certifications as well as six other independent certifications and will continue to process the other IC&RC reciprocity applications. See International Certification Reciprocity Consortium: to find out other Boards, States, Countries, Armed Services etc. that have reciprocity.