Approved Providers

Please note: As of April 23, 2021, the DCA-ADCC Committee determined that persons holding a Master’s degree who, after having their course content evaluated, need additional hours to satisfy the 270 hours requirementmust complete all the remaining hours through a synchronous/interactive training experience, that is the courses must be taken either LIVE in-person or LIVE virtually (i.e: ZOOM platform). Asynchronous (online) coursework for any of the remaining/required courses that were not waived by the course content review is not acceptable. V. REGULATORY/

Distance Learning: There has always been a maximum of  54 hours allowed for distance learning. Please refer to the above note for other limitations.

LCADC/CADC Approved Educational Providers Colleges and Universities offering degree credits. Colleges and Universities listed below  have had specific courses approved for some or all of the required 270 alcohol and drug counselors training hours for initial certification or licensure for the LCADC or CADC.

Colleges and Universities offering degree credit

Agencies and Colleges approved for full LCADC/CADC Workshop credit 

 Distance Learning: (Asynchronous)

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Approved Training Agencies:

Agencies that offer individually approved CADC coursework