Transcript Review

To request a transcript review please use our  Transcript Review Request  form for LCADC and CADC (pdf).

This form must be mailed into our office along with an administrative fee of $ 85 (check or money payable to The Certification Board).

Please note:

  • Send official transcripts  from your College/University or original certificates from  Approved Provider Agencies.  Transcripts cannot be returned as policy. Certificates will be returned if you send a SASE for the return of your original  agency coursework.The Certification Board has been accepting official copies of transcript thru email as well as paper mail.

    Please do not use a transcription service that requires us to sign in and requires a second email with an ID#. Most of these are time limited and we have had a hard time getting thru to them. Instead, have the official copy sent to you from the college/university or transcription service, sign it in blue Ink and date, and send or email to me via


  • Send official college/university course descriptions with your application. These can usually be found on the school’s website. Highlight the ones you want considered for equivalent credit.
  • Transcripts are reviewed in the order they are received in the Board Office with preference given to completeness of attachments and fees.
  • You will receive an email letter outlining the courses still needed, if any, or a Transcript of completeness within 8 weeks.
  •  Use a USPS, UPS or FedEx return receipt for validation of arrival at our office. Do not contact us to see if we received your material.
  • Incomplete Transcript Reviews and course descriptions will be held for a maximum of two years before being destroyed. Keep copies for yourself.