LCADCs and CADCs must take legal standards course before renewing

On the Alcohol and Drug Counselor Committee website the following alert has been posted regarding the 3 hour legal standards requirement:

Alert: Prior to renewing a license or certification in July of 2022, an LCADC and CADC must complete the mandatory three-hour of legal standards course related to the practice of alcohol and drug counseling as well as a minimum of three hours in social and cultural competence.

Note: If renewing for the first time, LCADCs or CADCs must complete the six-hour legal standards course prior to renewing unless they took the six-hour course prior to applying for licensure or certification. If taken prior to becoming licensed or certified, LCADCs and CADCs must take the three-hour course prior to renewing in July 2022.

See regulations related to continuing education requirements, N.J.A.C.13:34C-5.2 ( d) and ( e), which can be accessed at

The Committee has approved specific legal standards courses given by providers listed in N.J.A.C. 13:34C-5.4(b). Check with course providers for additional information.

Note that completion of an approved six-hour legal standards course will satisfy the three-hour legal standards course requirement.