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LCADCs and CADCs must take legal standards course before renewing

On the Alcohol and Drug Counselor Committee website the following alert has been posted regarding the 3 hour legal standards requirement:

Alert: Prior to renewing a license or certification in July of 2022, an LCADC and CADC must complete the mandatory three-hour of legal standards course related to the practice of alcohol and drug counseling as well as a minimum of three hours in social and cultural competence.

Note: If renewing for the first time, LCADCs or CADCs must complete the six-hour legal standards course prior to renewing unless they took the six-hour course prior to applying for licensure or certification. If taken prior to becoming licensed or certified, LCADCs and CADCs must take the three-hour course prior to renewing in July 2022.

See regulations related to continuing education requirements, N.J.A.C.13:34C-5.2 ( d) and ( e), which can be accessed at

The Committee has approved specific legal standards courses given by providers listed in N.J.A.C. 13:34C-5.4(b). Check with course providers for additional information.

Note that completion of an approved six-hour legal standards course will satisfy the three-hour legal standards course requirement.

LCADC and CADC applicants must submit an online application

Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC ) and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor(CADC)  applicants must fill out and submit an online application to the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, Division of Consumer Affairs, Marriage and Family Board, Alcohol and Drug Counseling Committee. This includes Supervision Plans.

Here are the instructions:

Please use our online application is available using this link:

Proposed Plans Process:

Using the link above, create a user profile, with a username and password.  Select the  “Upload Documents” option on the Menu located on the left side of the page.

Changes in IC&RC “ADC” Reciprocity

This affects all Reciprocity for NJ LCADC’s that have passed both the Written and Oral Exams as well as all the CADC’s, who had to pass both exams required to obtain NJ CADC and maintain an active license or certification from the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs, Alcohol and Drug Counseling Committee.

  • The LCADC’s who choose exemptions from the exams are not eligible for reciprocity unless they complete both exams.
  • The only information to be shared with the IC&RC will be your name, type of credential, and the date your New Jersey license or certification expires. At the APCB, Inc., as our policy has always been not to share any other information.

Please go to IC&RC “ADC” Reciprocity application to apply, pay and upload a copy of your certificate.