The Certification Board is using Certemy to process and track applications.

All professionals who were certified by the NJ Certification Board after 2018 with an associated email address have an account in Certemy. Everyone with an account should have been emailed on February 18th, 2020.

Recertifications must be done within the Certemy system. Therefore if you have been certified within the last 2 years and cannot find your email/account in Certemy please use this form so that we can help you locate your account as quickly as possible.


The following Initial Applications  are currently available. Please note that one submitted , all application fees are non-refundable

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist: The Certification Board passed a motion to simplify the CPRS exam question . There will be two levels for the CPRS. These applications should be up on the Certemy and the Board’s website next week.

  • CPRS- all current requirements but no exam requirement.This will be a permanent requirement with no future requirement to test. The CPRS is non-reciprocal and may not meet future Medicaid requirements.
  • ICPRS: Hold a CPRS and pass the IC&RC PRS Exam.This will be IC&RC Reciprocal and is designed to meet standards for possible medicaid reimbursement.This is an add on to your CPRS and will only require the exam charge with no additional application fee.

This credential is available to peers seeking to learn peer support skills in  order to foster the recovery of others affected by addiction and co-occurring problems.
Please note that this is not a counseling certification, but rather a Peer Recovery credential that allows the holder to perform the following domains: Advocacy-Ethical Responsibility-Mentoring and Education-Recovery/Wellness planning, within a supervised professional agency.

The CPRS is not a private practice credential, Private Practice  licenses are only allowed by the NJ State Division of Law and Public Safety, Division of Consumer Affairs.
Apply online at Certemy for CPRS


  • Certified Criminal Justice Professional (CCJP) Apply online at Certemy for CCJP
    Requires exam *IC&RC reciprocal
  • Criminal Justice Counselor (CJC). Apply online at Certemy for CJC.
  • International Certified Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor Application (ICAADC)  *IC&RC reciprocal (must live or work in New Jersey and hold an active New Jersey LCADC). You must first hold an active NJ LCADC at the  graduate level. This credential, like the ICADC, is only valid when your NJ LCADC is active. Requires passing the Advanced ICAADC Exam.  Apply online at Certemy for ICAADC.
  • International Certified Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ICADC)  *IC&RC reciprocal (must live or work in New Jersey and hold an active New Jersey CADC). The ICADC is based on your current LCADC/CADC in New Jersey. To qualify for the ICADC, you must have renewed your LCADC or CADC (currently  through July 2018) and have passed the IC&RC written and oral examinations if you were licensed or certified by the DCA-M&F Board after 2005. If your New Jersey license expires, or is terminated for any reason, your ICADC will become invalid. Apply online at Certemy for ICADC.

Please follow instructions as completely as possible and contact us if additional clarification is needed.

Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LCADC/CADC) must contact the DCA – ADCC Committee at The Certification Board only provides transcript review using our transcript review request for LCADC/CADC form (pdf).

You must also complete a separate registration form for those credentials requiring exams. Register in the Testing Section on this website.

Initial Applications for certification need to be reviewed and the Board needs time to perform its due-diligence duty, therefore  cut-off dates for submission of Initial Applications are  of the first day of the month preceding board meetings.

Board Meetings are generally held the third Friday of March, June, September and December. To assure that your application is reviewed, make sure your initial application is received by the Board  no later than  the first of the month preceding  the Board meeting. Late arrivals may  be acted on at the discretion of the board.

  • February 1 or earlier applications will be reviewed at the March Board Meeting
  • May 1 or earlier applications will be reviewed at the June Board Meeting
  • August 1 or earlier applications will be reviewed at the September Board Meeting
  • November 1 or earlier applications will be reviewed at the December Board Meeting.

*All IC&RC reciprocal applicants must either work or live in New Jersey a minimum of 51% of the time.

Please follow instructions as completely as possible and contact us if additional clarification is needed.