IC&RC ADC Reciprocity


This affects all Reciprocity for NJ LCADC’s that have passed both the Written and Oral Exams as well as all the CADC’s, who had to pass both exams required to obtain NJ CADC and maintain an active license or certification from the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs, Alcohol and Drug Counseling Committee.

  • The LCADC’s who choose exemptions from the exams are not eligible for reciprocity unless they complete both exams.
  • The only information to be shared with the IC&RC will be your name, type of credential, and the date your New Jersey license or certification expires. 
  • There will be a $35 per year charge to be registered as a “reciprocal” ICADC. An International Certificate will be emailed to you from the Certification Board.


Applicants must apply for reciprocity each year.

Pay online and then upload a copy of your license as an LCADC or CADC.

By paying I verify that I live or work in New Jersey a minimum of 51% of the time.

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