Oral Exam

The Oral Exam- Case Presentation Method

The Oral Exam is a measure of the counselor’s alcohol and drug counseling experience using Birch and Davis’s Core Functions and the IC&RC’s 46 Global Criteria.


  1. Choose a real (but anonymous) case that covers all (or most) of your work with a client.
  2. Write the case following the outline and directions below.
  3. Have you supervisor sign off that this was case of yours at the agency.
  4. Send in your registration, fee and one copy of your case study to the APCB ( Cert Board)
  5. After your case is approved, you will be emailed to reserve a specific date to take the exam.
  6. You will take  the exam at the Board office where you will record your presentation.
  7. Your recording will be streamed to evaluators who will grade your answers on a “demonstration of competence” using a yes or no to each of the 46 Global Criteria.
  8. A passing score of 76% is required to pass the exam.

Case Study Directions

 Oral Exam Registration

  • Candidates must first submit their Written Case Study and the Oral Exam Registration Form prior to be given a scheduled date for the Oral Exam. Please send your supervisor signed Case Study to rich@certbd.org.
  • There is no longer a need to send 4 paper copies of your Case Study. One supervisor signed case study is to be emailed to rich@certbd.org
  • Candidates will respond to each of the following questions, using the  12 Core Functions and 46 Global Criteria and providing examples based on your case presentation.Core Function Questions: Please note these are broad questions to be answered by using examples employing the Global Criteria.
  • We advise testing applicants who have had one or more previous failure to take the Oral Prep Class offered by the Certification Board. See home page for upcoming classes.