Initial Applications

Initial Applications for certification need to be reviewed and the Board needs time to perform its due-diligence duty, therefore we have established cut-off dates for submission of Initial Applications of the first day of the month preceding the board meeting.

Exams:  You must also complete a separate registration form for those credentials requiring exams. Register in the Testing Section on this website.

  • February 1 – for the March Board Meeting
  • May 1 – for the June Board Meeting
  • August 1 – for the September Board Meeting
  • November 1 – for the December Board Meeting.

Initial Applications

The Board will NOT respond to inquiries regarding receipt of documents. Send all critical  documentation to the Certification Board  ”Return Receipt” (the green post card from the Post Office or via FedEx, UPS or other common carrier with delivery verification).

Please follow instructions as completely as possible and contact us if additional clarification is needed.

Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LCADC/CADC) must contact the DCA – ADCC Committee at The Certification Board only provides transcript review using our transcript review request for LCADC/CADC form (pdf).

International Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor Reciprocal Credential

The ICADC is based on your current LCADC/CADC in New Jersey. To qualify for the ICADC, you must have renewed your LCADC or CADC (currently  through July 2014) and have passed the IC&RC written and oral examinations if you were licensed or certified by the DCA-M&F Board after 2005. If your New Jersey license expires, or is terminated for any reason, your ICADC will become invalid.

To apply for the ICADC please fill out the International Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor Reciprocal Credential Application (PDF) and send with your payment to the Certification Board of NJ.You must maintain an active CADC to maintain this credential. Requires both written & oral exams.

International Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor: You must first hold an active NJ LCADC at the  graduate level. This credential, like the ICADC, is only valid when your NJ LCADC is active. Requires passing the Advanced ICAADC Exam