Cumberland County Guidance Center

Cumberland County Guidance Center
  • Millville, New Jersey, NJ
  • March 19, 2021

Company Information

Cumberland County Guidance Center provides person centered, recovery focused mental health services to residents in a highly qualified, professional and compassionate environment.

To accomplish our mission, Cumberland County Guidance Center will be:

  • a visionary, creative, proactive organization that grows into new areas and stresses wellness and recovery not just for clients but for the agency as a whole
  • driven by quality and coordinated through efficient, intra-collaborative systems to ensure the highest priority to clinical services
  • a builder of stronger, more collaborative partnerships with agencies and others who work with consumers we serve
  • continually seeking to improve housing options which are made available through partnerships including DMHS
  • providers of education, prevention and treatment of mental illness
  • able to expand as a training ground to increase our outreach

Compassion — compassionate treatment tailored to individual goals set to maximize positive outcomes

Cultural competence — all people must be treated with fairness, respect and dignity in a culturally competent manner

Wellness & Recovery — we will empower consumers’ development of full potential in the areas of living, learning, working and socializing

Continuing Education — promote the professional growth and development of staff members

Integrity — we will conduct ourselves in an honest, fair and ethical manner in interactions towards all

Partnership — ensuring collaborative partnerships with diverse stakeholders to provide comprehensive care, extend outreach services, and expand or improve program opportunities

Advocacy — taking action to help people say that they want, secure their rights, represent their interests and obtain services they need to promote social inclusion and equality

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