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Gateway is a recognized leader in evidence-based treatment proven to get results. Our experts in Addiction Medicine—including highly educated clinical and medical professionals and expert psychiatrists and nurses—deliver care that never stops. Below, you can learn more about Gateway and our approach to treatment.

Drawing from science and research-based models, we practice innovative and specialized treatment modalities across a full continuum of care. Our approach to care is evidence-based, but built around patients to adapt to needs such as dual diagnosis, trauma and family services.

Expertise and compassionate leadership enable Gateway teams to meet diverse needs with a personalized treatment curriculum that recognizes the humanity and individuality of each patient.

With a wide range of highly effective, cost-efficient treatment programs and options for patients from nearly every walk of life at any stage of recovery—including OutpatientResidential, day treatment and aftercare— this brand of care allows us to achieve extraordinary clinical and psychosocial outcomes.

Additionally, we also offer the Bridge Program, a virtually-held service designed specifically for adolescent men beginning their journey to a substance-free life.

This is Gateway. This is the way forward.

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